Aleksander Malchanav returns to prison for 10 days

A former political prisoner, sentenced for participating December 19th, 2010 demonstration, later pardoned by Lukashenka, returned to prison after being convicted for disobeying police orders. He was detained last night in his house in Borysow and sentenced to 10 days of arrest.

„Prosecutor wanted to prove in court that he allegedly cursed and ignored police orders. However, he was convicted only for the latter charge“ – Nasta Lojka, a human rights defender present at the trial, told Belsat.

Lojka was unable to explain why the police would stop the former political prisoner. „After he was release, Aleksander has not engaged in any political activism. In Borysow there is a high crime rate, so maybe the police wanted to prove that they actually do their job“ – she added. Lojka also informed that Malchanav’s house was searched, the police said they were looking for illegal symbols used by the opposition. They confiscated his computer. This has been a third house search since the beginning of October.

Aleksander Malchanav was sentenced to three years in a high-security prison camp for participating in opposition demonstration against election fraud in December last year. He was pardoned by Lukashenka and released on September 14th.


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