Dissidents detained in anticipation of the evening opposition rally

Police in Minsk began arresting people in an attempt to prevent an action of solidarity with imprisoned activists, organized by “European Belarus”, a political organization led by Andrei Sannikov, a former presidential candidate.

Fiodar Mirzajanav was detained from his house this morning, police said he was needed as a witness in a criminal case. Mirzajanav participated in Decemebr protests, he was sentenced to three years in a prison camp and pardoned in September.

Undercover officers detained Maksim Viniarsky, a coordinator the European Belarus. The police visited house of Dzimitrij Drazd, another activist sentenced for December protests and than pardoned, but he was not there.

European Belarus announced they will hold a demonstration tonight in Minsk to show their solidarity and demand release of the remaining political prisoners, including the leader of the organization – Andrei Sannikov, who was sentenced to five years in prison.


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