Klaskovsky: Lukashenka counts on Russia’s generosity

„Lukashenka hopes that he will get money from Moscow once again and holds in perspective two electoral campaigns“ – thinks Belarusian political scientist Aleksander Klaskovsky commenting on an article authored by Lukashenka and published in „Izviestia“ daily. In the article Lukashenka supported an idea of integration through the Eurasian Union.

Klaskovsky disagrees with Lukashenka who claims that creation of Eurasian Union will not get in a way of integration with the European Union. In his opinion, one country cannot be at the same time in two different economic areas. He also stressed dissimilar values – „the EU is an alliance of countries based on free market and democratic system. And here, we have post-soviet authoritarian regimes, where economy is oligarchich or kolkhoz-style.“

Lukashenka is left with no other option and has to support Putin in case of integration, hoping that the Russian prime minister will pay back – thinks Klaskovsky. „Russia will become generous again. But not for long. because Putin will soon put Lukashenka in his place and conflicts will arise. However, this time the Belarusian regime will have very few means of resisting“. – concluded Klaskovsky.



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