Aleksander Sinkievich: Customs Union is a trap for Belarus

Russian primie minister, Vladimir Putin announced further economic and political integration between former Soviet Union countries through creating Euroasian Union. The new Union will be based on the already exisitng customs union between Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan and the Common Economic Space.

Aleskander Sinikievich, a Belarusian economist, believes that the Customs Union will result in taking over of the Belarusian property by the Russian capital. Another outcome will be a drastic price increase of the imported from Russia gas – from 60 dol. per 1000m3 to 288 dol.

„It’s quite possible that Belarusian companies will pay twice the price paid by the Russians. How can we call such situation a customs union?“ – commented Sinkievich.

The expert reminded that Belarus is supposed to sell to Russia gas pipelines, in exchange for a lower price of imported gas. – The [gas] treaty will be signed for four year, but after that Belarus will have nothing in exchange.“

Joining the Common Economic Space will expose Belarusian economy to even stronger competition from Russia, thinks Sinkievich. He also recalled recent words of presidente Lukashenka – that there in no option of exiting from the customs union.

„We should have looked for a way out earlier, when there was still a possibility of creating some sort of Baltic and Black Sea association, or look for alternative sources of energy“ – concluded Sinkievich.


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