Poll shows support for Lukashenka has dropped again

According to a recent public opinion poll conducted by an independent institute NISEPI, only a fourth of Belarusian society trusts their president Aleksander Lukashenka. While 24.5% answered that they trust him, 62,3% of respondents said they did not trust Lukashenka.

Although 88% agreed that Belarusian economy is in a deep crisis, only 35% of respondents thinks that things will get better, should the current president resign, and 23% believes it will get worse.

When asked „If elections where held tomorrow, who would you vote for?”, only one fifth answered they would cast a ballot for Lukashenka. The researchers reminded that directly after elections, Lukashenka could have counted on 53% of voices, 43% in March and only 29.3% in June.

The support for the opposition politicians has not changed since the last elections – they can still expect around 20% of votes. But the percentage of people who do not know for whom shall they vote has almost doubled – from 23% to 42%. The general dissatisfaction with the political system, was expressed by a significant increase in number of people who want to vote against everyone – from 5.4% to 11.8%. Authors of the report published along the poll’s results, believe that despite growing frustration with the current options, Belarusian do not direct their support for any of the systemic alternatives, such as opposition parties or leaders.

Only within last three months a percentage of people who blame Lukashenka for the poor condition of the Belarusian state has increased by 18%, reaching 62%. At the same time, 10% more people declared they stand in opposition to the current regime, total amounting to 28.3%. Despite growth of critical view of the government, the number of people ready to protest it, has not increased. Less than 10% declared they participated in public protests, and 20% declare they are ready to take to the streets.



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