Zmitser Vus released from prison

Vus, a Belarusian dissident, who was released from prison on Saturday, is not planning to quit politics. On the contrary – he is going to run in the next parliamentary elections, he told Belsat.

Zmitser Vus is confident he can win, before the last elections he had managed to collect 9 thousand signatures of support, now he expects even more. The dissident stressed he did not sign any plea for pardon, despite being informed that he would not be released from prison if he does not sign such a document.

He said that authorities tried to exert pressure on him so that he pleads guilty and asks for presidential forgiveness. „A KGB general met with me and presented conditions under which I could have been released. I disagreed for moral reasons. Later on, in the prison camp they attempted to force me sign documents, where I would have pled guilty and expressed „will to improve my behavior“. I refused again. A different set of methods to force me to sign the document was employed when I was in the prison camp: I did not receive packages, visiting time was limited, and people were sent to make my situation unbearable. Finally, I was forced to work.“ – recounted Vus.

Zmitser Vus was a businessman. He ran as an independent candidate in the presidential elections. After the demonstration on December 19th, 2010 against election fraud, he was sentenced to five and a half years in prison.


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