Polish PM suggests aid package for Belarus

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk proposed a modernization aid package for new democratic Belarus, during a meeting with the EU leaders on Thursday. Should the authorities in Minsk introduce certain reforms, Belarus will be offered various means of support, including financial help.

According to the information obtained by Polish Press Agency (PAP), the conditions of providing aid, do not include Lukashenka’s resignation, but rather immediate democratic election in accordance with OSCE standards, negotiations with the opposition, as well as pardoning all the political prisoners.

In exchange, the EU might offer financial aid, support for an IMF credit, and help in stabilizing the currency rates, reported PAP.

The Eastern Partnership program has a 1.5 billion euro budget to be spent on aid for member countries. Belarus is the only member country excluded from the access to those funds due to the undemocratic ruling regime.

– This should be a carrot, it’s just that we still don’t have the content of it. Specific offer will be presented, when Belarus accepts changes. – stressed PAP’s source.- Poland probed the EU member states and the proposal received warm reaction. We would like to begin a internal debate within the EU about what can be offered to Belarus. – said the source.


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