Niaklayev in Warsaw, police pays a visit to his house

Uladzimir Niaklayev, leader of Tell the Truth campaign, is currently attending Eastern Partnership summit in Warsaw. The police visited his house in Minsk yesterday and left a summon for Mr. Niaklayev to report to the police station today at noon.

Aleksander Fiaduta, a deputy head of the campaign, was also visited by the police in his apartment, reported Tell the Truth on their webpage. The police harassment is a result of Niaklayev’s participation in the summit, thinks Mr. Fiaduta. – It must be really annoying for the authorities. Niaklayev will develop relationships with high-rank officials on much deeper level than the official representative of Belarus could have hoped for. – said Fiaduta.

Niaklayev received suspended for two years sentence for participating in the December 19th 2010 demonstration against the presidential election fraud. A court added new conditions of his probation. The politician is banned from participating or organizing mass events, leaving Minsk municipality or the country without special permission from the police. Mr. Niaklayev has to report on a weekly basis to the police station. He is also obliged to be at home between 8pm and 6am every day.

Belarusian commentators think this was the authorities revenge for Niaklayev’s visit to Poland and meeting with the prime minister Tusk.


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