Where is Andrei Sannikau

Still there’s no information about place of detention of former presidential candidate Andrei Sannikau who has been sentenced to five years of high security prison camp for “stirring up mass social unrest” during the demonstration of 19 December 2010 against falsification of the presidential elections.

On 21 September, Sannikau’s wife Iryna Khalip received a telegram from the head of the prison who informed that her husband will be moved to a new penal colony in Bobruisk. The reason for the transfer is not specified.

On September 23 Chalip in the Department of the execution in the Interior Ministry has received information that her husband is still on the road and the new colony will receive him on Saturday, September 24. However, as the lawyers of the former candidate informed Sannikau wasn’t present among the newcomers transported on Sept. “He disappeared and nobody knows where he is now” – said Khalip.

A woman wants to visit the Department of the execution, where he hopes to obtain information about the place of detention of her husband. “His disappearance on the eve of summit opening of the Eastern Partnership, I consider mockery of us all” – she said.

Belarusian human rights activists condemned the conduct of the authorities towards Andrei Sannikau and Young Front leader Zmitser Dashkevich, who also last week was transferred to another prison.

“The transport of prisoners from one colony to another causes physical and mental suffering, that’s why such baseless actions are considered to be torture. In addition, during the transfer to a new location, prisoners couldn’t receive any deliveries, they don’t have rights to meet with the lawyers. Lack of information about prisoners place of stay is considered cruelty to them, and for their loved ones. ” – Belarusian Biełapan agency quoted human rights activists.


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