Lukashenko paid tribute to hockey players killed in a plane crash (video)

On Thursday evening, instead of the hockey game between Lokomotiv Yaroslav and Minsk Dynamo, a memorial ceremony in honor of the Russian hockey team who died in the plane crash was held.

Minsk sports arena was filled with thousands of hockey fans. On the ice were present members of the Dynamo team who symbolically drove discs to their own goal. The presidential hockey team also arrived to pay their tribute. Lukashenka and his 7year-old son Kolya, in hockey skating outfits laid flowers in front of the Russian team’s goal.

“We believe that Lokomotiv will reborn, but its legendary team will forever be with us at the peak of their sports fame,” said the Belarusian President and recalled the two Belarusian ice hockey players who died in the crash: Siarkhey Ostapchyka and Ruslan Saley.


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