Lebedko: Opposition has tools to influence political situation

Anatoly Lebedko, the head of United Civic Party of Belarus commented during a press conference on a recent visit of Belarusian opposition leaders to Poland.

„The Prime Minister Tusk and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Sikorski both stressed that financial support should be offered to Belarus only if all the political prisoners are released and elections in accordance with OSCE standards are held“ – said Lebedko.

He also stressed that opposition has „a whole set of sophisticated tools to influence a situation“. The politician reminded about a proposal of creating a Marshall Plan for democratic Belarus – a project discussed by the Belarusian dissidents and Polish authorities during the meeting.

The Belarusian authorities have no plan to combat the economic crisis, thinks the deputy-chairman of UCPB Lev Makholin. „The United Civic Party has such a plan. And we are ready to assume responsibility for its execution; unfortunately our proposals are not being considered. Dismissal of the entire cabinet would not solve the problem, because in Belarus only one person makes all the decisions. We demand that Aleksander Lukashenka resigns from office, the person responsible for all that’s been done over last 15 years“ – he concluded.



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