Russia won’t defend Lukashenka’s regime

Kremlin criticized recent Lukashenka’s statement, in which he announced that forces of the Collective Security Treaty Organization can be used to prevent a coup d’etat in a member country.

“The point is that Collective Rapid Reaction Force could be used not only in a case of foreign intervention. We don’t expect a direct attack from anyone, but there are many who are eager to conduct a constitutional overthrow.” – said Lukashenka during a meeting with the secretary general of CSTO – Nikolai Bordiuza, on August 30th.

The secretary general in an interview with Russian newspaper „Izviestia” rejected Lukashenka’s interpretation of CSTO functions. – Lukashenka has abused and vulgarized the premise of CSTO help” – he said.

The organization can intervene only if national forces are unable to restore order in a situation of mass riots and looting, thinks Bordiuzy. – What happened in Minsk in December 2010, was a domestic business of the state.- he commented on Lukashenka’s attempt to present opposition demonstration held on December 19th 2010 as a failed coup d’etat, sponsored from abroad.

CSTO is a security organization created in 1992, which brings together former soviet countries, excluding only Ukraine, Georgia and Azerbaijan. The informal leadership has been assumed by Russia.


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