UK ambassadress: Sentenced dissidents should be acquited, not granted clemency

It is not enough that Belarusian authorities grant clemency to dissidents sentenced for participating in demonstration against election fraud, rather they all deserve to be acquited – stated Rosemary Thomas, UK ambassadress in Minsk, in an interview with Interfax-Zapad news agency.

„Without rehabiliation, they will never be able to find a job or have a career” – said Thomas. She also noted that despite Lukashenka’s offer to hold round table talks with Belarusian dissident, the EU and Russia, no official invitation has been issued so far by the government in Minsk.

The EU countries hope to talk about „shaping multi-party democracy in Belarus” during such dialogue, thinks Thomas. „If we reach a conclusion that it is an honest proposal, the EU will be enthusiastic about participatin in such project.” – she added.

But Belarusian state media have already made it clear that when Lukashenka invited all „patriotic forces” to participate in a round table talks he did not have in mind democratic opposition.

Michał Janczuk (TV Belsat)

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