A well-known Belarusian blogger targeted by the authorities

Jaukhien Lipkovich, a well known Belarusian political satirist had his house searched by the police.

Lipkovich is facing a trial for profanation of national symbols. He refused to comment on the house search: – I signed a document obliging me not to disseminate any information concerning the investigation – he said.

Volha Lipkovich, satirist’s wife, told Belsat about the police visit to their house. – They showed us the search warrant, which explained that the search was taking place as a part of the ongoing investigation into profanation of the national symbols. They informed us that objects and documents from our apartment can be important for the investigation. – said Volha Lipkovich.

While waiting for additional documents necessary for conducting house search, Lipkovich‘ family managed to call their lawyer Daria Katkovska and a human rights defender Alena Tankachova.

Ms Tankachova thinks that the whole situation is a revenge of influential writer, Mikolai Charkhnits, a chairman of the Social Council for Morality. Mr. Charkhnits was offended by Lipkovich, who burnt one of Charkhnits‘ books, calling it “pornography”. The accusation of profanation of the national symbols seems to be only an excuse, according to Ms Tankachova. – It’s clear to me that this is an attempt to limit freedom of speech and opinion. I am also very curious how are they going to prove that the particular posts from the blog are authored by Lipkovich. – said Ms. Tankachova. She also informed that a notebook was confiscated.

Jaukhien Lipkovich owes his fame to brave posts at the blog, where he talks about pathologies of Belarusian reality, criticizes authorities, and mocks Lukashenka. Lipkovich denies profaning national symbols. He was accused of performing in an underwear, colored like Belarusian flag.



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