Saakashvili called on talks between the EU and Belarus

A meeting between Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili and Polish president Bronislaw Komorowski was held in Batumi, Georgia, on Tuesday. Mr Saakashvili criticized the policy of isolating Belarus during a press conference after the meeting. In his opinion, Belarus might fall under Russian control, which will have negative effects on European development. Therefore, he called on Europe to resume talks with Belarus.

Mr Saakashvili was very critical towards Moscow, saying that one cannot say that Russia is more democratic than Belarus, because Belarus at least does not occupy her neighbors. He also informed that Georgia observes carefully situation in Belarus and realizes what are their major problems. He is convinced that dialogue with Minsk is the best solution.

This is the second time that Georgian president expressed such stance. On July 22nd, during an international conference “European path for Georgia”, Mr. Saakashvili called Europe to engage in an active dialogue with Belarus, in order to prevent her isolation and contribute to her development.


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