Bandarenka’s surgery postponed?

Zmitser Bandarenka, a political prisoner sentenced to two years in a high-security prison camp for participating in a demonstration against election fraud, was scheduled to have a spine surgery tomorrow. When he was escorted to the hospital, the prison guards saw Bandarenka’s friends and family at the hospital entrance, who came to show their support. Instead of taking him for a surgery, the prison guards returned him back to prison.

„We came here to support Zmitser. Without any flags or banners. People stood in front of the hospital, so that my husband can see that we haven’t forgotten about him and that we are concerned.” – Volha Bandarenka – Zmitser’s wife, told Belsat.

When the police car with Bandarenka approached the hospital, an undercover policeman approached his relatives and ordered to disperse. He refused to show his ID. People’s explanation that they came to support a political prisoners went all in vain. Finally, prison guards informed they are taking Bandarenka back to prison. – This is some sort of paranoia. What did they think, that we will try to kidnap Zmitser? – commented Bandarenka.


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