Belarusian Ministry of Interior to create a post for journalists‘ protector

During a meeting with the Belarusian Journalists Association, deputy Minister of Interior Javkhien Paludzien promised to create a special post for the protection of media employees.

Belarusian journalists have approached previously Ministry of Interior numerous times in order to work out rules on reporters protection during demonstrations. Andrei Bastuniec, the deputy head of the association said that all that journalists are asking for is to have their rights respected.

– We tried to find out today how should the journalists be dressed and marked so that the police do not take them for participants, do not cover their photo cameras and detain them. We were also informed that a post for a person responsible for working with media during mass actions will be created within a month. It will be than decided how journalists should be marked, so that their work is not interrupted. – said Bastuniec.

Belarusian Association of Journalists estimates that during the silent protests, more than 70 reporters were arrested. „Of course no one expects that after today’s meeting with the deputy-minister there will be a radical change in the way police treats journalists. But we are happy that someone finally is addressing issue of our rights“ – he added.

During a press conference on Tuesday, a prosecutor general Vasilevich announced that the police will not interrupt the work of journalists who are there to report on the protests. Despite the promise, police still kept on harassing journalists.


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