Silent protesters sentenced to time in prison

The Wednesday evening silent protests had been struggling with decreasing turn-out. Yesterday people gathered at main squares in Minks and other cities in much smaller numbers than usual. Only 100 people showed up in Minsk and 30 of them got arrested. Protests are organized by „Revolution through social networks“ page on – a popular in Belarus version of Facebook.

Just a day before, Ryhor Vasilevich – the Belarusian Prosecutor General, had announced that from than on interventions against protesters will be carried out by police in uniforms and journalists‘ rights will be respected. Despite his promises, a few journalists were detained. In Brest, Tsimafieya Skiebnka, a European Radio for Belarus reporter and Alicja Pol from Radio Racja were arrested. In Minsk, a Belsat contributor Aleksandra Klimovich was arrested and sentenced to 11 days in prison.

After the protest finished, plain-clothed policeman entered a club in Minsk during a musical concert. Police captured more than 10 random people, interrupting the event. Both, participants of the silent protest and the concert were sentenced today to 10 to 12 days in prison for „minor rowdiness“ or resisting police orders. „Nasha Niva“ daily newspaper informed that activists from the European Belarus movement held a fireworks show in front of the arrest in Minsk, in solidarity with those detained on Wednesday evening.

Silent protest under the banner of „Revolution through social networks“ have been held in Belarus every Wednesday, since June 8th. Since the beginning of the action, around 1900 people have been arrested. Police captures random protesters and treats them in a very brutal manner.


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