Inhumane treatment of Belarusian prisoners

Participants of silent protest arrested on July 6th in Minsk, after being released from prison, told stories about inhumane treatment in prison, reported Viasna Center for human rights defense.

According to Siarhey Kreyda, Siarhey Kalasovsky and Alena Savich accounts, prisoners were beaten and refused access to medical help. – As soon as we arrived to the detention center, we had a small show. At the exit from the police bus, there was a policeman in a mask with a baton. Further down, there were many policemen and dogs. We were taken to a basement. In a dark tunnel, there were two men in masks. One of them kept punching us in stomach, and the other one at the back of our heads. –Siarhey Kreyda’s testimony was posted on Viasna’s website.

„In women’s cell there were only 5 beds and 8 people. So women had to sleep two on one bed. Men were in even worse situation. In Siarhey Kalaskovsky’s cell, there were between 18 and 20 people, but only 7 beds. Prisoners were barred from taking walks. They couldn’t shower. Toilets in cells were not sufficiently covered, so the prison guards could easily watch people using the toilet.“ All of it took place in a prison located in Zodzino town, next to Minsk.

After doing their time, prisoners were not released immediately. Instead, they were taken through the back entrance to police vans, which drove them to a field outside the city. Families who drove to pick up their relatives, were blocked by the police cars.

Every Wednesday there are silent protests held in Belarus. They are part of „Revolution through social networks initiative“. Participants do not chant nor bring any of banned national symbols. Rather, they manifest their discontent just by their presence. Since the action started on June 8th, more than 1830 people have been arrested.


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