Fiodar Mirzayanav will not ask for pardon

Fiodar Mirzayanav, a 21-year-old student sentenced to three years in a prison camp for participating in December 19th demonstration is not going to ask for a pardon. He claims he is innocent.

On Monday, a court in Minsk upheld Mirzayanav’s sentence. – Fiodar holds up, he seems to be calm and self confident, but he lost a lot of weight – said his mother, who visited Mirzayanav few days ago. When she informed him how fast other appeals for cassation were decided, Fiodor laughed saying „See, how fast they can decide fate of five people“.

Ludmila Mirzanayava thinks that prison administration is trying to prevent her son from receiving any political news. Letters from politicians are not handed over to him. He is also not receiving printed information from independent websites, that she has been attaching to her letters to Fiodar. – Today Fiodar was visited by his lawyer. My son said he will not plea for pardon, because he is innocent. – said Ms. Mirzayanava.

Fiodar’s mother also told Belsat, that the boy shares his cell with another prisoner unjustly convicted. – My son has a great hope, that when Belarus will finally change, all judges will answer for hurting innocent people – she added.


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