Belarusian government promises 1000 USD salaries

Belarusian government promised their citizens to raise an average salary to a thousand dollars, according to a social and economic development program adopted for next five years. According to the plan, Belarusian living standard will come close to the European one and actually became much better at the end of 2015.

The document also plans for optimization of the budgetary expenses. The priority is social and economic development together with lowering taxes to the level of those in developed economically countries. The government declared that it will support the entrepreneurship and economic activity, reform state-owned structures and increase privatization. According to the plan, many educational, health care, cultural and sports projects will be implemented.

Aleksander Sinkievich, a Belarusian economist thinks that the plan is just a political PR. „The society is dissatisfied with the government. As the authorities are unable to guarantee any social welfare, they are trying to delude the society with delusive hopes and make people wait for changes. It’s just like during the Soviet Union – at the beginning it was promised that in 1980 everyone will live in communism and in 2000 everyone will own an apartment.“ The expert thinks that there is no chance that the five-year plan will be implemented.

Sinkievich suggested that to begin with, the ruble rate should be balanced. However, the likelihood of it happening this year is rather low. There is not enough currency reserves, and Belarus does not meet basic conditions to receive a credit. „Many people in power do not appreciate balanced ruble rate. Thanks to the lack of stability, they have access to cheap currency and can profit from it“ – he added.

No steps to balance ruble’s rate will be taken unless there are serious protests within the society and business groups, according to Sinkievich. „So far, situation in Belarus is fairly calm, so there is no chance that something will change in the currency market before September“ – said Sinkievich.

Aleksander Lukashenka promised to increase salaries in Belarus just before the presidential elections in 2010. The average salary was supposed to be go up to $500, however after the ruble devaluation real salaries dropped by 50%.


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