Nasha Niva fends off a threat of being shut down

The Economic Supreme Court of Belarus has resumed today a hearing against one of the oldest Belarusian newspapers “Nasha Niva”. The newspaper was facing a possibility of being shut down for alleged violation media law. Nasha Niva has received three warnings from Ministry of Information within one year, which constitutes a basis for revoking publishing license according to Belarusian law.

Ministry of Information claimed that the newspaper misinformed its readers in articles on the April 11th explosion in the Minsk metro station, in an article titled “A women was under rubble, when Lukashenka laid down flowers”.

Surprisingly, this time authorities have been merciful towards the dissident newspaper. Parties managed to reached an agreement. Ministry withdrew its charges, and Nasha Niva has to cover all the court fees, which amount to about 100 euro.

Bielpan news agency quoted a newspaper’s employees who called the ministry’s decision “a glimmer of common sense”. They also suggested that the decision might have been influenced by numerous letters of support sent by the readers. Also in court, there were few dozens of Nasha Niva readers, among them two former presidential candidates – Uladzimir Niaklayev and Rykhor Kastosiov.


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