Belarus builds nuclear power plant on a tectonic trench?

The geological research showed that the first Belarusian nuclear power plant is supposed to be built on a tectonic trench. This information concerning the power plant project at the Belarusian-Lithuanian border was submitted to the Lithuanian parliament by Juryia Lazuaska, a representative for Lithuanian Geological Services.

„Of course, it has to be noted that Belarus is not like Japan or Indonesia, where seismic activity is really high. But if you compare Lithuania and Belarus, than the latter country has more seismic movements. In Lithuania, not even one earthquake has been registered.” – said Juryia Lazauska, as quoted by DELFI news agency.

Lazauska used data compiled by Belarusian and Lithuanian scientists, who concluded that the planned nuclear power plant in Ostroviets, will be built on a tectonic trench.

„Of course, more detailed research is necessary. But according to our data, it is possible that the trench is few kilometers less than thought before. Still, the construction site is located on the biggest tectonic trench in the region.” – said Lazauska. – It needs to be also noticed that an earthquake is the only geological phenomena that cannot be predicted. You can predict a volcano eruption, but never an earthquake.

The scientists who research geological phenomena created a map of possible seismic threats in Lithuania. According to the map, the most active area is in the north-eastern part of the country. A nuclear power plant in Ignalin, which was shut down, was built in such a way that it was resistant to an earthquake of magnitude of 7.0 on Richter scale.

The Belarusian power plant is supposed to be built in Ostroviets area, in Hrodna region, 250 kilometers from Polish border and 50 kilometers from Vilnius. The construction work has started a year ago, transport and housing infrastructure being the main focus so far. Belarus has conducted a series of talks with Polish and Lithuanian authorities, meeting the international law requirements, in order to decide on the location of the power plant. However, consultations were held after the construction had started.

The Lithuanian government has protested the project because of its proximity to Vilnius. Hillary Clinton, during her last visit to the country, supported Lithuanian stances. Currently, the Belarusian authorities are waiting to finalize a credit deal with Russia.


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