More than 300 people detained during the silent protests (video)

During the silent protests, on Wednesday evening, police arrested more than 300 people, and 180 of them in Minsk – informed human rights center Viasna on their website.

Just like during the previous protests, the participants were detained by plain cloth police officers. Protesters, passer-byes and journalists fell victim to the indiscriminate arrests.

In Hrodna, a TOK FM journalist – Agnieszka Lichnerowicz was held by the police for half an hour. The deputy chief of the police station, warned her against coming to the protests in future or she will be face administrative punishment. He refused to hand the warning in writing. In Minsk, a Russian NTV crew was held for a short time.

Other than in Minsk, people gathered as in previous weeks around 7 pm at the main squares. The silent protests were held in Hrodna, Mohylevo, Brest, Bobruysk, Pinsk, Molodechne, Novoplock, Baranoviche and other places.

The organizers of the silent protests called “Revolution through the Social Networks” called to gather in Minsk at 8 pm at different places in various neighborhoods.

Protests have been held since few weeks. Their participants do not chant and do not bring banned national symbols, instead they clap and stroll around.



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