Belarusian Internet users debunk undercover policeman

An independent news website posted photos of a young man, who during Sunday protests in Minsk sprayed tear gas straight into Vladimir Kostin’s face, a Reuters’ reporter. Shortly after, Internet users identified him as Roman Kubik, a graduate of the Ministry of Interior Academy.

All his information, including phone numbers were available through his profile on, which is a popular Belarusian counterpart of Facebook. Among the things he enjoys, Kubik listed extreme sports, cars, motorbikes and… bananas. Although there are also things he dislikes – “I am ready to shoot off fags legs and those who pretend to be fags, I hate emo and dissidents” – he wrote on his profile.

Two journalists from the European Radio for Belarus managed to reach the policeman. Kubik would not confirm in a phone conversation if he took part in the dispersing protesters during the Independence Day. He was also surprised that his data is available online.

A popular blog server livejournal hosts a blog that discloses last names of the employees of the police officers known for their brutality when dealing with the opposition. Authors of the blog encourage Belarusian Internet users to send text messages to the officers.


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