In Belarus Sharp Decline in Birthrates

Belarus is aging at a dramatic pace. A number of Belarusian citizens under 18 years old had declined by 27.4% within last 11 years, informed National Belarusian Statistics Committee. In 2000, there was 2.5 million children and youth, today – it is only 1.7 million. Belarus total population is 9 million people.

According to the state authorities, the decline of birthrates started in the 1990s. But young parents from Minsk often share other impressions on the internet forums. Parents complain that having a child in today’s Belarus is a heroic act, because the average wage dropped from 500 dol. to 300 dol. due to the crisis. Last year there were only 108,000 births registered, which is too little to keep up with death rates.

According to economists, decreasing population at this pace can lead to serious problems in the retirement system. Currently, pensions are financed from the tax on workers. As the population is ageing, the retirement system might become unable to function.

Michał Janczuk (TV Belsat)

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