Russian TV criticized Lukashenka

After Lukashenka tried to blame Russian media for economic crisis in Belarus, journalists of the major Russian TV channel „Rossiya 1“ responded.

On Friday, during the cabinet meeting, Belarusian President accused Russian media of spreading panic and escaleting problems faced by Belarus. On Sunday, a special section in Rossiya 1 channel evening news was devoted to Belarus. In the program, Belarusian authorities reaction to the crisis was described as „hysterical“.

Rossiya 1 reporter reminded that Lukashenka’s controvertial statements prvoked a reaction from a high-ranked Kremlin official. Interfax news agency quoted him, saying that „Lukashenka’s attack has no influence on the process of analyzing Russian stance on giving the loan to Belarus“. Belaurs is waiting on the decision about 800 mln dol. credit from Eurasian anti-crisis fund, where a major role is played by Russia.

The special section also had videos from Minsk, where people openly criticize the economic situation in the country, while standing in lines to stores or currency exchange. Also, Lukashenka was shown reproving Belarusians for buying out goods. Finally, archival materials were presented with Lukashenka and Piotr Prakapovich promising there would be no devaluation.

The news report also reminded that Belarusian economic model is based on credits, and that Lukashenka just few days before the elections had increased the state employees salaries by one third, despite no source of financing. The journalists also stressed that due to the censorship in Belarus, Russian news reports are only aired after removing informations on Belarus.


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