Andrei Sannikov demands second round of elections

Mr. Sannikov, a former presidential candidate sentenced to five years in a prison camp, demands that the second round of presidential elections is held, with the international observers present.

– I’m still a candidate for Belarusian president and I demand that second round of elections in held and subjected to international control. I ask citizens of Belarus to support this demand – Sannikov wrote in an open letter.

Mr. Sannikov stressed that he does not recognize the official results of presidential elections, which in his opinion were rigged. He also claims that sustaining the current regime may have „serious consequences for Belarus and constitue a threat to citizens‘ prosperity“.

The current situation is an implementation of the most negative scenario in Sannikov’s opinion. – Holding on to power by Lukashenka led our country to a disaster – he wrote.

Andrei Sannikov is currently held in a temporary detention. He will soon be moved to a prison camp. On May 14th, he was sentenced to five years of imprisonment for allegedly „organizing mass social unrest“.


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