Lukashenka’s solution for economic crisis – working 50hrs per day, expelling foreign media

The Belarusian President, after returning from his visit to Kazakhstan, addressed country’s economic problems during the cabinet meeting, offering bold solutions. In his opinion, the hysteric atmosphere in Russian press is to be blamed for the crisis, and the solution – is extending working hours to 50 per day.

– The biggest panic around [the crisis] is in Russian media. I observe (…) such media, which – owning to the President – became the major ones. I’m not going to name them – I don’t wand to increase their popularity. But you have to do something about it, so that they are not present in our country any more. – stated Lukashenka, according to Bielta news agency.

 The Russian media described Lukashenka’s state visit to Kazakhstan as a flight from the economic problems. – They forgot that this kind of journeys are organized all year round, and no matter where I go – I have to return back to this country – Lukashenka responded. – They are calculating how much have we lost through this crisis, they accuse us of trying to blackmail Russia. How are we supposed to blackmail such a huge country.? – he asked.

President Lukashenka also offered some solutions to the price growth. – Any form of price increase should be stopped from today on; and this is this free market thing” – he stressed. In his opinion, products can become only more expensive when a governor and the prime minister agree.

Lukashenka promised to dismiss the cabinet should they turn out to be unable to ensure economic stability. – If you calculated well the currency [dollar] rate, than 5 thousand [ruble] should be the price solving speculative demand. Introduce one rate. What are you waiting for? There should be dynamics everyday. If there is no dynamics, you Mikhail Vladymirovich [Miasnikiovich – Belarusian prime minister] and you Piotr Piotrovich [Prakopovich – head of the central bank], will have to give up your party membership cards, to use soviet language. – he added.

The President pointed to the self-sustainability of Belarus and to need of increasing each employee’s involvement. – We should be able to solve every situation on our own. If some anti-crisis funds will help us – that’s great, but we should be able to count only on ourselves. And it’s possible – just put everyone into a war mindset. There is shoes deficit – work 30 hrs a day, clothing deficit – work 50 hrs. – said Lukashenka.

Lukashenka also promised there would be no “robbery-styled privatization” because in each case the final word is his.


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