Anarchists in Minsk sentenced to a prison camp

A court in Minsk sentenced five anarchists to time in a correctional institution. They were acquitted for attempting to set on fire a Russian embassy in Minsk in August 2010.

On August 30th, 2010 unknown perpetrators threw Molotov cocktails at Russian embassy. The only resulting damage was destruction of a car of one the embassy employees. Anarchists were also charged with attempt to burn one of arrests buildings in Minsk, Ministry of Defense, Minsk’s casino Shangri-la, Minsk-Moscow bank, and a building of trade unions federation.

Three defendants were sentenced to time in a high-security correctional institutions: Igor Alienivich to eight years, Mikalai Dedka to four and a half year, Alexander Frantskievich to three years. Two other anarchists were sentenced to correctional work: Maksim Vietkin to four years and Evkheniy Selivonchyk to year and a half.

Igor Alienivich, Mikalai Dedka, Alexander Frantskievich has not plead guilty to the charges, according to Interfax news agency. Vietkin and Selivonchyk plead guilty partially.

According to a human rights defender Alekh Khulaka, Belarusian authorities violated law by arresting same suspect numerous times on different charges, just to extend their time in detention. In his opinion, authorities wanted to exert pressure on the defendants.

This is another sentence against Belarusian anarchists. On May 19th, three anarchists from Bobruysk were sentenced to a long time in prison for attempt to set on fire local KGB building. Just after the suspects were arrested, on May 14th night, unknown perpetrators threw Molotov’s cocktails at court building in Minsk, where Andrei Sannikov had been sentenced a day before. On May 16th, police arrested two suspects: „European Belarus“ movement’s activist – Andrei Kudlayev and his son.


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