Lack of dollars at the market, Lukashenka in Kazakhstan

Despite yesterday decision to devaluate ruble by 56.2%, the National Bank of Belarus in not planning to resume selling foreign currency to the commercial banks running their own currency exchange offices, announced Antol Drazdou, a spokesperson of the central bank, reported Interfax Zapad news agency. The National Bank ceased to sell currency to other banks on March 22nd.

According to the agency correspondents, despite the depreciation of the Belarusian currency exchange points are still unable to sell U.S. dollars or euros. But queues counting more than 200 people formed anyways. This means that the foreign exchange market in Belarus is not yet balanced and still may need a further depreciation of the ruble. Belarusians do not want to sell U.S. dollars at a price of around 5 thousand rubles, when at the interbank exchange in recent days the dollar price has reached a level of up to 8 thousand rubles.

The central bank informed in a statement that the decision of devaluation is adopted under the command of President Lukashenko to fix the joint Belarusian ruble exchange rate. On May 23, the day when devaluation was introduced, President Lukashenka travelled for a state visit to Kazakhstan. According to experts, this is an attempt to disepnse with responsibility for economic decisions.


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