Niaklayev proposes a dialgue

Uladzimi Niaklayev, a former presidential candidate, sentenced to two years of probation, reached out to the Belarusian authorities. During a press conference in Minsk, the dissident said talks with the government are necessary in order to “try to find a way out the present situation.”

According Niaklayev Belarus is only half a year away from ‘social explosion’, and he believes there is a need to create plan to stabilize the social situation and to consider the humanitarian aid to Belarus.

Niaklayev also thinks that the authorities will be forced to make concessions to its foreign partners. “For sixteen years the government has had enough money, which enabled it to maintain the conditions of its functioning. The current situation is such that only one third of the means necessary for the normal operation of the country, is produced by the Belarusian economy. “- he said.

Niaklayev stressed that he will not cease his political activities and his movement “Tell the truth“ might be transformed into a political party. He also said that if the government does not release political prisoners, the opposition should boycott the parliamentary elections in 2012.

According to the politician, the current ruling regime in Belarus is exhausted and constitutes an obstacle to the development of the country. Former candidate also expects that his sentence for two years on probation can be changed. “I’m preparing for every possible scenario” – he added.


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