Irina Khalip denied the right to visit her husband

Yesterday we informed about a possible meeting of Irina Khalip, a journalist, with her husband, Andrei Sannikov sentenced to 5 years of imprisonment. The visit did not take place, the KGB has denied the right to seeing without any explanation, informed the father of journalist, Mr. Uladzimir Khalip.

In his view, this is an evidence of continuing pressure against people considered “the most dangerous for the authorities. ” Irina’s father called Khalip’s suspended sentence to two years a “game of liberalization. ” Vladimir Khalip believes that his daughter will sooner or later go to jail despite her suspended sentence. “This sentence is simply delayed in time, it will be executed as soon as the public opinion calms down.” – he added. Irina had not seen her husband since December 19th, 2010, when both were arrested after the opposition’s demonstration.


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