Introducing Andropov’s discipline

Belarusian portal Nasha Niva informed about a new initiative of the Belarusian police. In Rechytsa town in Homelsk circuit, police officers visited a local shop “Jubilejny” and controlled the documents of all the clients. The policemen asked why controlled group was shopping instead of working.

The store owner reported the incident. “They closed the shop and all who were there, had their id’s checked, police officers also asked whether people are employed.”

According to the website, similar ways of “strengthening labour discipline” were in place in the mid 80s, during the reign of Yuri Andropowi, the First Secretary of the CPSU. Recently President Lukashenko spoke about him with nostalgia, stressing that back than authority was able to “compel everyone to work.”

In Belarus, a mass-scale audit of enterprises, institutions and universities is conducted. This is how authorities responded to the words of the Belarusian president, who called for the restoration of discipline.

The relevant document, was signed in mid-May by the presidential Chief of Staff, Vladimir Makey, who told authorities to check the “state of the discipline, performance of staff and ideological commitment.” Audit results will be delivered directly to President Lukashenko.


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