Irina Khalip gets suspended sentence

The court in Minsk sentenced Ms. Khalip, an independent journalist and a wife of a former presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov, to two years on probation. Paval Siaverniets, one of the leaders of the Belarusian Christian-Democratic party was sentenced to three years of community service. Sergiey Martseleu, head of Statkievich’s presidential campaign, also received suspended sentence of two years. All of the defendant were tried based on the article 342(1) of the Belarusian Criminal Code about “organizing or participating in events which in a serious manner disrupt social order”.

The verdict was pronounced by Zanna Brysia, a Minsk judge. All three opposition members were released from the arrest.

Valatsin Stefanovich, a human rights defender, told Belsat that all those cases have a very similar character, the differences are merely procedural. – Some of them have to report to the police station more often. What’s important, is that all of them are subjected to a control and every action they take – if pronounced unlawful – will give an excuse to impose more limitations.


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