‘Preventive measures’: African swine fever back in Belarus? (video)

A year has passed since the Belarusian authorities recognised the outbreak of African swine fever in the country. But the situation is still alarming: cattle is reported to be falling in different regions. Recently veterinary officers have performed disinfection procedures in Bialynichy district (Mahiliou region) and Hrodna region. But it is not the swine fever that prompted such steps, officials swear.

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YURY PIVAVARCHYK, Belarus’s chief veterinary officer:

‘There is no African swine fever in Belarus. In fact, we are carrying out preventive disinfection in five-kilometre areas adjacent to pig farms. Our neighbours have detected sites of disease – in Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia. They have made buffer zones, too.’

And that is why the situation is really acute. The chief veterinary officer is calling on private householders to follow pig breeding regulations while the latter are in panic over pigs’ falling. Last year such ‘preventive measures’ resulted in slaughtering hogs en masse in many Belarusian villages. The authorities do not disclose the number of killed animals.


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