Warsaw: Russia Day under siege (video)

A rogue’s march instead of a guard of honour: employees of the Russian Embassy to Poland hardly expected they would have to celebrate Russia Day under siege. While festive events on the occasion of June 12, Russia Day, were held in the territory of the embassy, activists in Warsaw streets were quite explicit about the line Russia has chosen.

The organisers of EuroMaidan in Warsaw and representatives of NGO ‘Open Dialogue’ were the first to ‘welcome’ those who were going to the event. The activists were protesting against Russia’s annexation of Crimea and intervention into Donbas, which couldn’t but cloud the celebration. At the same time, the hosts were not the main target.

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First of all, the demonstrators wanted to send a clear message to the guests, most of whom represented the countries which are still a long way from democratic standards. In 1990 Russia said goodbye to other Soviet republics and declared sovereignty on June, 12 but still grips most of former ‘brothers’ like a vice.

During the period of its twenty-four-year independence Russia has experienced two Chechen campaigns, armed conflicts in Caucasus, invasion in Ukraine. It is noteworthy that Russia’s own sovereignty has never been at stake.

Volha Saule


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