Russia wants to privatise military plants, grants $2bn loan

An international evaluation of assets of Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant (MZKT, Volat trademark) will be carried out by 31 July, Ambassador of Russia to Belarus Alexander Surikov said on June, 11.

According to the Ambassador, principle agreements have been reached regarding the Belarusian companies Integral, Peleng, and MZKT. An international evaluation of MZKT assets will be performed by 31 July. The evaluation of Integral and Peleng will be done earlier and all the relevant decisions are taking shape right away, Mr Surikov stressed.

The Ambassador also said that the sides had not yet come to terms regarding the merger of MAZ and KamAZ.

Belarus may get the Russian interstate loan of $2 billion in July-August, Alexander Surikov added.

‘The State Duma is already revising amendments to the Russian Federation budget and the loan will find its place there as far as I understand,’ he said. In his opinion, it may happen in July or August. Before that VTB Bank will allocate $1 billion to Belarus in lieu of the loan., via

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