Ukraine: Pro-Russian terrorists execute two hostages? (shocking video)

A man who looks like Igor Bezler, one of the leaders of separatists, explains whom and why he is going to kill. Then his subordinates shoot at two men and they fall down.

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‘Three days ago the junta captured my man. Kyiv junta refuses to exchange officers for the man it grabbed. At the moment I have three colonels including a SBU colonel and three lieutenant colonels as captives. The Ukrainian side has broken all the agreements. I have waited [for their reply] for three days, but I have no more time to wait. And now Messrs Budik and Vasyuchenko will be shot down. I address to Messrs Turchinov, Parubiy and others: if you don’t release my man in an hour the next duo will be killed; in half an hour – the same will happen to other two men <..> If Ukraine’s army and state don’t need these officers, all the more reason why I shouldn’t need them,’ he said. Then he gave the command ‘Fire!’ and the men with sacks on their heads were allegedly executed.

The video named ‘Изображение’ (Image) was uploaded to Youtube by user ГригорийЛепс (Grigoriy Leps) who also used a photo of a famous Russian singer. There is only one video on this Youtube channel.

According to the information of Ukraine Security Service, Igor M. Bezler aka Bes (Demon) was born in 1965 in Simferopol. In 1994-97 he studied at the Military Academy named after Dzerzhinsky. Now he is a lieutenant colonel at Russia’s Chief Intelligence Directorate (GRU).

Bezler is implicated in the murder of Horlivka City councilman Volodymyr Rybak, the SBU says.

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