Luhansk: ‘Troops have left border zone; Russian insurgents freely going to Ukraine’

Former Interior Minister Yury Lutsenko conveys deep outrage over Ukrainian law enforcement agencies’ actions.

‘F***. For the last day border guards have left checkpoints in the border area extending for 130 km in Luhansk region. Terrorists going by 15 KaMAZes have sneaked through this hole overnight; today they are certain to provide assistance to Donetsk region armed gangs that are the target of the counter-terrorist operation. Do you sleep well, General Litvin* and other Ministers and Generals who failed to come to the rescue of the Luhansk border guard detachment? There is no doubt that Putin’s trash will capture Donbas. Lucky you that martial law hasn’t been imposed yet. One should be shot for that,’ Mr Lutsenko said on his Facebook account.

Overnight into Monday hundreds of pro-Russian separatists attacked the detachment.

*Mikalai Litvin, a brother of MP Volodymyr Litvin, heads Ukraine’s State Border Service.

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