Luhansk, Ukraine: 300 armed insurgents seize military unit

A group of pro-Russian separatists seized a military unit of regiment of patrol-guard service of the National Guard of Ukraine in Luhansk. A storm lasted for more than ten hours, and three Ukrainian servicemen were injured, the National Guard press service said.

Over 300 unknown armed men surrounded the location of a patrol police regiment of the Ukrainian National Guard stationed in Luhansk early in the morning hours on Wednesday and opened fire on the law enforcers.

According to the press service, during a long confrontation an automobile park and building of the HQ of the military unit were completely destroyed in fire, barracks of soldiers was also damaged by fire. Terrorists were firing from heavy armament: automatic weapons, gun, mortars and grenade launchers, snipers also worked, the National Guard noted.

‘The law enforcers returned fire until their ammunition ran out. Three law enforcement officers were wounded. The attackers had about 20 men wounded and six dead. The gunfire destroyed the motor pool and the unit’s headquarters and damaged a barrack,’ the report runs. Servicemen of the military unit are being moved to a safe place,’ it reads., following,

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