Donetsk morgue full of pro-Russian separatists’ bodies (shocking footage)

The bodies of 38 killed separatists and 2 civilians are being kept in the morgue in Donetsk, the capital of Ukraine’s most populous region.

A number of Donetsk residents joined groups of separatists and disappeared after yesterday’s special operation. Now their relatives are coming to identify corpses.

Many of the killed Russian-backed fighters were riding together in a truck when they were struck from above by artillery or rocket-propelled grenades from a Ukrainian army helicopter. The truck was destroyed, its bed contained pools of blood. Most did not have any documents, and it is difficult to establish their identities.

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They wanted to seize Donetsk International airport to ‘knock the Right Sector out’, a wounded militant told journalists. According to him, some 100 separatists were kiled in the course of the operation.

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