In literal sense: Russian propagandists sing odes to ‘green men’ in Crimea

Russian Army’s song and dance ensemble named after Alexandrov have performed and recorded a song about ‘polite people’. It is dedicated to militants in camouflage and balaclavas who ‘secured public order’ during the recent referendum in Crimea.

It was not until April, 17 when Russian President Vladimir Putin admitted that these people in uniform without any insignia were Russian soldiers.

The video uploaded to the ensemble’s Youtube containes pictures shot in Crimea in April, 2014.

{movie}Hymn Polite people, official video.|right|16054{/movie}

‘People who have polite eye

Are looking politely

And asking politely

They are just politely standing by you

And just carrying weapons politely

Everything will be alright

Everything will be excellent

We are called by our ancestors’ victories

Stay easy, our Motherland,

Polite people will save your honour and glory’

The song was performed in Evpatoriya on April, 10

{movie}Ensemble performs Polite People in Evpatoriya, Crimea.|right|16055{/movie}, following

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