Belarusian ‘partisans’ bringing grist to Russia’s mill: Kremlin project? (video)

Our compatriots’ reaction to the Ukrainian development is different. Some Belarusians are ready to rise in arms protecting the interests of … Russia. A group of youngsters in Hrodna recorded a video address which has shaken the ByNet. Carrying arms might be illegal in Belarus but the video still remains unnoticed by the Belarusian authorities.

There has been no guerilla war in Belarus, but guerillas do exist.

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‘Hi everybody. Vikhr guerillas, the city of Hrodna, are with you!’

Armed young men from Hrodna are addressing to Ukrainian separatists who want the eastern regions to join Russia.


‘We, Belarus, are with you!’

They promised to fight against ‘Banderovites’ shoulder to shoulder.


‘I would like to tell Banderovites: You, guys, have got into a muddle: this is not the land where your orders will be fulfilled. It is us who rule here. When a master is at home, a guest remains a guest. Believe us, the master is at home here.’

This ‘master’ also turned up at pro-Russian rallies in eastern Ukraine.


‘Yesterday I had a talk with a representative of organisation Russian National Unity from Hrodna, Belarus, via social media. Belarusian president Lukashenka stated that if it should be necessary he would support the workers’ South-East, Crimea and East together with Putin! Don’t give your ear to provocateurs! Aliaksandr Lukashenka is with us! Vladimir Putin is with us! Glory to Donbass! Glory to Russia!’

There are enough people who salute in a Nazi-like way in Belarus. Earlier the radical nationalist ogranisation ‘The Russian National Unity’ used to be active in Minsk and Hrodna. At the moment pro-Russian activists in Brests and Hrodna are billing themselves as ‘guerillas’.

ALES LAHVINETS, political analyst:

‘One should admit that Belarus has all the necessary conditions for Russian chauvinism and fascism’ springing. As our state media play into the hands of Russian propaganda it is not clearly seen at the moment.’

Former political prisoner Ales Kirkevich, a resident of Hrodna, believes that pro-Russian nationalist organisations are nothing more but special projects of the Kremlin secret services.


‘Why in Hrodna? In some way Hrodna is the capital of wetern Belarus, a border city. In other words, Russia sends a message that the whole Belarus, from its eastern border to Poland, belongs to Russia.’

And the representatives of these organisations are ready to guard Russia’s interests with deadly force. Now they are spreading the ideas of Russian supremacy and viral violence videos in social media. The Belarusian law forbids the storage and bearing of weapons but the state’s law enforcement agencies let this pass without remark.

Volha Starastsina, In Focus

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