New evidence of Russia’s breaking international law: Video report on actions in Crimea on web

This ‘report on completion of tasks set to detachment No 0900 in the period of February, 22 to March, 28 in the territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea’ has been posted to Russian social media The video was allegedly made as a study guide for special operations soldiers.

Watching the film, one can see the schemes of seizing the building of the Cabinet of Ministers, storming Ukraine’s Naval Forces HQ, Belbek military district and other facilities. It is evident that career servicemen who have experience in capturing buildings took part in storms.

{movie}Annexation of Crimea in the eyes of Russian soldiers.|right|15978{/movie}

It also includes the footage filmed in Ukraine’s Air Defence forces bunker in Crimea that was classified earlier. In addition to the shots of storms, the film offers its tactic schemes, which were created with the use of satellite photographs.

It is still unknown, to which security agency this special detachment belongs to.

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