Foreign Minister cautious over Belarus’s possible mediation between Russia, Ukraine

Belarus has never imposed its services as an intermediary on any country, Foreign Minister Uladzimir Makey told reporters in Minsk on Tuesday.

He was replying to a question whether any talks were underway about Belarus’ possible involvement in efforts to defuse tensions between Russia and Ukraine.

“Vice versa, it is the Belarusian side that was offered various kinds of services of intermediaries,” Mr Makey said. “We don’t need any intermediaries inside the country and do not impose ourselves on others.”

The minister noted that Belarus was ready to host possible talks between Russia and Ukraine as the chair of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

It is to be recalled that the Russian side cancelled the talks of foreign ministers of Ukraine and Russia which were scheduled on April, 4 in Minsk.

Belarus will make every possible effort to have brotherly and good-neighbourly relations between Ukraine and Russia re-established, to help find the ways of resolving contradictions and preventing confrontation, the Ministry’s officials reiterate., via BelaPAN

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