Tymchuk: Anti-terrorist operation in Ukraine to start soon

‘Forces and facilities necessary for carrying out an anti-terrorist operation are located in Donetsk region. Yesterday the decree on launching the operation was signed by acting President Oleksandr Turchinov,’ Dmytro Tymchuk, director of Ukraine’s Centre of Military and Political Research, wrote on his Facebook account.

Mobile communication will be switched off when the operation in Donetsk region starts, he says.

According to Mr Tymchuk, the plan of operation has been enacted and is being launched at the moment: ‘During its development we had a high priority to prevent the loss of life among civilians. But taking into account the number of local separatists (‘thought leaders’ and thugs) no one can guarantee it.’

The Russian coordinators ordered leaders of separatists to repeat ‘a Donetsk scenario’ (in case of its success) in neighbouring regions, Mr Tymchuk states. At the moment groups of Donetsk-based separatists are trying to enter other regions, which is barred by local police and self-defence forces.


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