Ultimatum expires: Eastern Ukraine separatists getting ready for storm (livestream)

Ukraine’s National Security and Defence Council (Rada) is launching an anti-terrorist operation in eastern Ukraine. Had the separatists put down arms by 9 am today their inviolability would be guaranteed.

Live streaming video by Ustream

Livestream from Sloviansk (a market near the office of Ukraine’s Security Council (SBU) and a police station)

On Sunday Ukrainian special forces refused to participate in the operation without armoured vehicles. Four persons, including two SBU officers, were killed yesterday, health workers report.

A group of separatists that seized the buildings of SBU and police, are preparing for a storm – they are building barricades and call volunteers to join them.

It is the Russian secret service that are behing the separatists, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry states. On April 17 the Ministry is expected to provide evidence to international community.


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