Ukrainian envoy back in Belarus: ‘So-called Crimean govt is behaving inappropriately’

The territory of the Crimea region is under occupation, and the so-called Crimean government is behaving inappropriately, Ukrainian Ambassador Mykhailo Yezhel, who returned to Minsk after consultations in Kyiv, told reporters on Friday.

Speaking at a news conference of Ukrainian travel agencies, Mr Yezhel shrugged off pessimistic predictions for Ukrainian resorts ahead of the coming summer season. “Unfortunately, Ukraine can say de facto today that occupation forces are present in the territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea,” he said. “Crimea is occupied. Of course, not everyone will go there to enjoy the Black Sea. But everything else has been preserved.”

It is not true that chaos reigns in Ukraine and it is impossible to travel through the Ukrainian territory, Mr Yezhel said. “These rumours are too exaggerated,” he said. “Yes, there’s a problem in Crimea today. The so-called government of Crimea is behaving inappropriately, let’s put it this way.”

Mr Yezhel noted that people could spend their holidays at Black Sea and Sea of Azov resorts in continental Ukraine. There are more than 200 tourist bases and health resorts in Ukraine, he said.

A beach season might be just round the corner, but Belarusians are deciding against spending their holiday in Ukraine, reported yesterday. Travel agencies even offered journalists a tour to Odessa seaside for free so that they could see what is going on in the neighbouring country in their own eyes and describe the events for readers., following BelaPAN

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