Belsat TV correspondent beaten up in Donetsk

When Ales Barazenka, who has been reporting from Ukraine these days. was making a news item for our TV channel, he was attacked and battered by unidentified persons.

While the journalist was busy covering the events near the building of Donetsk regional administration, several suspicious strangers were hanging out their ears trying to understand what he was talking about. ‘They might not have liked all that I said very much and they started spying upon me,’ Mr Barazenka said. A bit later the men attacked the reporter, kicked him in the stomach, punched in the face. Ales’s lips are split.
The residents of Donetsk are anticipation a storm; it is rumoured that troops are heading for Donetsk, but nobody has confirmed the information yet. The public mood is ambiguous. ‘A lot of people are carping at the current authorities, but not everyone is ready to side with Russia. But of course, there are some persons who would like to,’ Ales Berazenka said.
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